Successful TV Posters

You should never a judge a book by it’s cover– that is generally a true statement. But no one follows that rule. (And while I get the sentiment behind it, I also find the cliche to be slightly harsh, since, some person some where put a lot of time and effort in to that cover, and it shouldn’t be so easily dismissed.)

Same goes for TV series posters. They are made purposefully to grab attention, highlight the series, and make you watch. Some succeed at this, and some fail miserably. I like to focus on the successful ones. Almost every single one of these made me either want to watch the show, or start it back up again since I stopped watching. Here are my top five TV posters of this year, based on visuals only. [But honestly, that might not be true, because it really is hard to separate feelings about a show from it’s poster. But I’ll try.]

Homeland. This is a home run. Every time I see this poster it catches my eye, and I always stare longer than normal at it. No text, no taglines, because you don’t need it. Well done, Homeland. homeland-season-4-poster

Gotham. I’ve been loving these posters since they first started putting them out, and even if they show didn’t live up to what I wanted, these posters are still gorgeous. I love that the emphasis is completely on the individual without showing any of the city. gotham_posters_gordon

American Horror Story. AHS kills it every time. The end. american_horror_story_66996

Gracepoint. I have such mixed feelings on this one – I think it is ridiculous to take a British show and copy it exactly but place it in America, I do love this visual. So, while I refuse to watch the show, I will happily look at the poster. Gracepoint_612x898

Modern Family. The tag line is what sold me. “All in.” I enjoyed looking at all the personality going on in the image and then took it all in and loved it. And let’s just be gratefully they’re not all matching, or wearing formal attire in this one. 2462d200-3ac2-11e4-a146-afee81efcd61_Modern-Family-First-Look
Successful TV Posters

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