What’s Your Most Memorable “Scary” Episode of a TV Show?


Many TV shows have a Halloween/meant-to-be-scary special episode. Most in fact. I love theme episodes. I think they’re fun and when done right, sets apart good TV shows from great TV shows. When writers can incorporate the current story line into something completely different it shows the strength and quality of the writers.

Thinking through the most memorable “scary” episodes, I immediately think of the Boy Meets World episode – “And Then There was Shawn.” It’s by far the my favorite theme episode of any show. And I know it is for many others.

[Full disclose – it wasn’t aired around Halloween time (it was aired in February), but it was the shows only attempt at a “scary” episode.]

tumblr_lke8h9pj1m1qcjucpo1_500I grew up on Boy Meets World, and thankfully this past year the show has returned to mainstream pop culture for a little while. This particular episode, from season 5, focuses on one character’s (Shawn) difficulty in witnessing two other character’s (Cory and Topanga) breakup. In doing so Shawn dreams of killing off all his friends as he blames himself for their breakup. It’s campy, and ridiculous, and pure fun, and simultaneously calls out many horror film classics. A little bit like the entire show as a whole.

When I asked my little brother, Andrew, if he remembered this episode, he said that it scared him so badly the first time he left the room while we were watching and couldn’t watch it until a few years later. (He was like, 8 years old.) My memory is seeing Ben Savage squeal and run away like a little girl.


What are other memorable scary episodes from TV shows? Do any bring up nostalgic feelings like this one does for me?

And if any one would like to, you can watch the full episode here.

What’s Your Most Memorable “Scary” Episode of a TV Show?

One thought on “What’s Your Most Memorable “Scary” Episode of a TV Show?

  1. Not only have I only seen this episode once because it TERRIFIED ME BASICALLY TO DEATH, (I hate the idea that something is walking behind me and when I turn around it is gone. I just quickly looked over my shoulder.) but I think some of the scarier things I have sat through lately have been TV. I love Supernatural’s first few seasons, with super scary moments like Bloody Mary and the Woman in White, and Sleepy Hollow is one of my FAVORITE shows now and it is terrifying. I’m growing up! Loved this post. xx

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