20 Questions Asked While Binge-watching ‘House of Cards’

HoC S3

House of Cards is back! Some things happen. Some things don’t happen. These are the questions you’ll inevitably ask while watching season 3…well, at least, these are the questions I inevitably asked while watching season 3.

HoC-Claire S3

1. Does Claire have Justin Bieber hair now?

HoC-Lars Mikkelsen S3sherlock-mikkelsen

2. Why does Lars Mikkelsen play the grossest characters?

HoC-Mickey Doyle

3. What’s Mickey Doyle doing on House of Cards?

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.07.07 AMDexter-Brian Moser

4. And why is the Ice Truck Killer in this season, too? Oh, brother.

HoC-Claire gray S3

5. Why is every room gray?

HoC-Claire and Frank S3

6. Is my computer swathed in darkness, or is House of Cards‘ brightness level off?

HoC Jackie S3

7. Why bother with any sex scene if it doesn’t involve Meechum?

HoC Solicitor General

8. Um, does anyone know what a Solicitor General is/does?

HoC Mendoza S3

9. Why does Mendoza vanish for no good reason?

HoC Remy S3

10. Where does Remy’s random anxiety accent come from?

HoC S3 Meechum and Tom

11. Isn’t jealous Meechum the best?

HoC America Works S3

12. Who would ever believe America Works could be a legitimate thing, especially coming from a Democrat?

HoC Frank S3

13. Am I the only one who watches this darn show for the homoerotic sexual tension?

HoC Scorpio S3

14. Can I read the illustrious Scorpio somewhere since everyone is talking about it?

HoC Rachel S3

15. Will the Rachel Posner storyline ever be interesting?

16. Why can’t we get another Meechsome?

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.08.08 PM

17. Who is Claire Underwood without Frank?

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.08.27 PM

18. Who is Frank Underwood without Claire?

HoC S3 Tom

19. What’s Meechum going to do during the annual hiatus?

HoC-You are entitled to nothing

20. Is House of Cards…boring?

‘Til next February! Let’s keep our expectations lower this time around because remember “You are entitled to nothing.”

20 Questions Asked While Binge-watching ‘House of Cards’

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