Guest Post: The SCARIEST Scary Movies

To counteract everything I said and am, my youngest sister Samantha watched the MOST scary movies she could find, every day for 31 days, and wrote about it.

These are top ten scariest movies I watched for my personal 31 days of Halloween

“Silent Hill has everything from an ending that makes you think about everything you know to be true, a woman being burned alive, and Pyramid Man who rips a woman’s skin off in one clean tug.”
2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 version)
3. Dead Silence
“Anyway, I’ll try not to talk about Harry Potter anymore.
The story starts with Ig Parrish and his beautiful Juno enjoying their lives, but when she mysteriously dies, Ig discovers strange horns growing from his temples. The town, of course, thinks that he murdered his girlfriend, which leaves angry mobs on his porch (Harry Potter) and gives him quite a famous name (Harry Potter.) “
“It was 1:30ish so I was expecting a small crowd, but once I sat down and the movie started- I realized I. Was. The. Only. One. In. The. Theater.
I tried not to panic, and quickly told myself that my few weeks of “scary movie training” had prepared me for this moment- but I was so wrong.”
“Without being too dramatic, I will say that writing about this movie gives me the willies. I can’t sit in front of the mirror while I write it.”
7. Hide and Seek
8. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
9. The Messengers
10. The Possession
This post was written by Samantha Taylor. Follow her on Twitter @sammyanthat.
Guest Post: The SCARIEST Scary Movies

Album Review: ‘Cheek to Cheek’

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

“Cheek to Cheek”


3 stars out of 5

Cheek to Cheek, featuring Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett, is a classic sounding album that will be flying off shelves (hypothetically of course, because who really buys CDs anymore?) Gaga put away her meat suit, feathers, and wig for this album. In addition to no sparkles and lace, Gaga also traded in her phat techno beats and recorded behind a swing band-with horns!
Regardless of the mainstream pop industry “asking Lady Gaga to quit,” she sent them a viral middle finger and let her musical theater voice soar throughout the album. My personal favorite, is her dusting off her Poker Face and singing scales in Coleman’s “Firefly.” With her last album coining the nickname, “Artflop,” Gaga has been a target in the eyes of reviewers. I, however, am throughly impressed with the backwards twist she has supplied in the industry of music. Rather than beginning as a sane human being, she showed us the monster with in. After listening to this album, I feel as though I’ve had a heart to heart with her, and am hoping now she will make her music more of a career and less of a show.
Tony Bennett on the other hand -yes, he’s still alive- sounds as great as he ever did, almost like he hasn’t aged a day (He’s 88). His voice adds a little nostalgia to the album, giving it a popular thrill, and a classic aftertaste.
I found the album to be refreshing, and played it for several friends trying to get them to guess who the female singer was. If you’re hesitating going into it, dip your ears into the cover of Fred Astaire’s “I Won’t Dance.”
Thanks for reading, little monsters!
This post was written by Samantha Taylor. Follow her on Twitter @sammyanthat.
Album Review: ‘Cheek to Cheek’

Guest Post: From The Sharks


I would like to start off by congratulating all of you on the success and popularity of Sharknado and Sharknado 2.

However, I found the film highly unintelligent and fallacious in its accusation that Sharks are violent, malicious killers. We’ve been on earth the longest, if you didn’t know. 200 million years before Dinosaurs. Sink your teeth into that.
Our species is much more sophisticated, developed, and rational than you portrayed in your film. Besides trespassing into our waters, you’ve also embarrassed the name of the Shark.
There were several scenes that I feel depicted sharks in a negative way, and I was quite offended by the way everyone was slaughtering the sharks. The way your main female character lived to tell the tale of being conveniently swallowed whole by a shark was quite preposterous. Don’t you know that Sharks are prominently, and internationally known for our rows of impeccably sharp teeth, which we shred as we grow older? I myself have gone through almost 30,000 teeth in my lifetime, and I am not considered an old shark. Surely your writers don’t think that a human being could indeed be swallowed whole.
If you were wondering, more people are killed by bee stings and lightning than by shark attacks. Worldwide about 30 people die each year from shark attacks. A shark attack most often occurs when a shark mistakes a person for a seal or other animal, not because we desire the taste of human blood.
Also, I would like to point out that there is not enough water involved in a Tornado to keep us alive. Unlike humans and other sea creatures, we sharks don’t have lungs, and wouldn’t last more than a few minutes in an oxygen filled space.
Perhaps you could name the next film, Sharkurricane, which would make more sense to those of us who are more worldly.
Sincerely yours,
The Shark Community
This post was written by Samantha Taylor. Follow her on Twitter @sammyanthat.
Guest Post: From The Sharks