Snap Judging the ‘Fantastic Four’ Teaser Trailer


Following insidery drama news and rumors surrounding the Fantastic Four set and concept, Fox has decided to release the teaser trailer Tuesday, January 27. This release comes ahead of the release of Matthew Vaughn-directed Kingsman: Secret Service, which premieres Friday, February 13, the Fox film most pundits expected to showcase the trailer. A full trailer for the superhero team film, directed by Josh Trank, still could be attached to the other comic adaptation.

Yeah okay, whatever. So how does it look?

Actually, it doesn’t look half bad! Much of the plot hasn’t been revealed, nor has Doctor Doom, but the central four are shown in various aspects of their transformation. For those living under a rock (or under a rock-like Thing), Miles Teller is Reed Richards (stretchy Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara is Sue Storm (force-field-powered Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan is Johnny Storm (fiery Human Torch), Jamie Bell is Ben Grimm (rocky The Thing), and Toby Kebbell is Doctor Doom (metallic evil Eastern European dude).

Mysterious voiceover dominates most of the trailer, which is mainly comprised of pre-transformation events. The vaguely British(?) voice states:

How did we get this far? Human beings have an immeasurable desire to discover, to invent, to build. Our future depends on us furthering these ideas(ideals?). Our responsibility that rests on the shoulders of generations to come. But with every new discovery, there is risk. There is sacrifice, and there are consequences.

Say what you will about whether it looks like a “good movie” or “faithful adaptation,” at least everyone is really pretty.

I mean…
Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm
Just look at these faces…
Come on!
They're even hotter than normal because they're all super talented.
They’re even hotter than normal because they’re all super talented.

Judgy Questions:

Rock Lobster! I mean, er, Rock Monster!
Rock Lobster! I mean, er, Rock Monster!
  • Is there any possible way to make The Thing NOT look ridiculous in a live action adaptation? I’m still skeptical…
Only good Thing from these movies.
  • Is blind Kerry Washington coming back? Because that’d be just fine with me. (I know she’s not. A girl can dream.)
  • How Philip Glass-y is the score really going to be? Personally, I want it to be full-on Philip Glassy mesmerizing beauty all the way.
Sibling rivalry?
Sibling rivalry?
  • Why are Johnny and Sue fighting?
Did she win that sibling skirmish?
Did she win that sibling skirmish?
  • Why is Sue crying over Johnny?
Screw you, outerboroughs.
Screw you, outerboroughs and New Jersey.
  • Does Sue place a force field over the entirety of Manhattan to save it from Doctor Doom’s villainy?
Doesn't look like The Dark Knight Rises at all. Nope. Not even a little.
Doesn’t look like The Dark Knight Rises at all. Nope. Not even a little.
Oh wait…
  • Where’s this plane headed to? Is this our first glimpse of Latveria?
Is this him?
It kinda looks like Toby Kebbell’s head.
  • Speaking of, Doom, is that you?
Metal face bandages?
Metal face bandages?
  • Doom, is that you?
  • Is all of this still attached to the crazy continuity of the X-men films, or are they using the alternate universe travel as a bridge to the X-men verse? The latter probably makes more sense.

Check out the trailer and snap judge for yourself. Remember, one good teaser trailer does not a good movie make. Hopefully this doesn’t film (and subsequent franchise) doesn’t suffer from Man of Steel Syndrome:

Snap Judging the ‘Fantastic Four’ Teaser Trailer

Rediscovering Reading for Pleasure

Maybe just a quickie this week.

In recent weeks I’ve been learning how to read for fun again. Honestly, it’s probably been a few years since pleasure reading was a genuine part of my life. As with most college students, reading became something of a chore. After graduation, it has taken some time to get back into the mood of reading without deadlines and exams.

Of course, reading has always been a thing I enjoyed. Even when I was taking college courses, I would occasionally develop an obsession with a book for a few weeks. And then it would be back to the grind and no pleasure reading for another six months.

These days I’m working on reading for pleasure again. It’s odd that I almost have to force myself to do it. The main way I do this is by stacking up a lot of books on my night stand and not removing them until they are read. It gives a great sense of accomplishment to put a book back on the shelf.

An odd outcome of this is that I get to assess my personal library. Everyone probably has a different approach to the personal library. There are probably even some folks today who don’t even want to own a single hardcopy. I guess to each his or her own. I come from a family that loves the physical library. We probably keep a few too many books. At this point in my life, I don’t know exactly what my library will look like, but I’ll probably be keeping fewer books than my parents. My current reading project is giving me a bit of a fresh perspective on my collection. My new plan is to only keep books that I have read or would actually read. In the long run I hope this means I actually will have read everything in my collection, but that could really be a pipe dream.

How about you? What’s your policy for book reading and collecting?

Rediscovering Reading for Pleasure

Golden Globes 2015 Live GIF React

golden globes

It’s here! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s “final” hosting gig of the Golden Globes a.k.a. my favorite awards show because movie AND TV stars get drunk live on air. Let the video assumption and award upsets begin!

Poehler-Fey High Five

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler already changed and look glorious.

Maleficent-Aw hahaha wicked smile

All the movies North Korea was okay a.k.a. those random hacker guys that were actually responsible for the Sony Hack.

Thumbs Up

Just Keep Simmons 😀

Big Eyes

Emma Stone as Big Eyes is perfection.

GoT-Jaime-Waves hand. Hi

Oh hey, Joaquin!

Sherlock-Moriarty-Mmmm music

Cake is like a fluffy dessert…

Sherlock-John-Nod yes

Amy’s impersonation of British actors impersonating Americans is perfection.

Office Space-Uh, yeah

Our society totally values pretty people over…anything else.

Poehler-Fey High Five

Who would you rather? Tina or Amy? Both!

Don't make me angry

Everyone knows I like it Ruff-alo.

Chris Pine? Yes.

Oh hey, TJ Miller! I still love Cloverfield.

I don’t like Tyler Perry movies, but I’d totally see Girl, I Thought You Were Gone.


Jessica Chastain’s reaction to the Bill Cosby jokes is hilarious.

Sherlock-Hmm interesting

Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch! Cumberbatch!

Sherlock-Moriarty-Yeah Okay I Did

Lololololol Aniston didn’t get on the Batch bandwagon.

JK Simmons wins first for best Supporting Actor! He’s wondrous. I’m glad he’s getting some recognition and not just for those Farmer’s Insurance commercials.

Downton Abbey-Bates-Yess

Joanne Froggatt deserves it. Some recompense for dealing with that bullshit rape storyline in Downton.

In Bruges-Shrug. IDK

Fargo wins as per usual.

Billy Bob Thorton doin’ the thing.

Community-Troy-Thumbs up

Margaret Cho being awesome.

Parks and Rec-Eek

Cumberbatch and Hunter are concerned.

Devil Wears Prada-Deal with It

Streep is a trooper.

All the awards

Gina Rodriguez wins for Jane the Virgin! YAY LATINAS FOR THE WIN! ALL ABOUT IT!


Transparent is so good. IT’S SO GOOD. Totally deserves that win.

LoK-Lin-Meh whatever

Meh. Hans Zimmer should’ve won for Interstellar. But I haven’t seen The Theory of Everything yet, so maybe that score is okay, I guess.

Prince said it’s Original Score, so it’s Original Score OKAY?!


John Legend, Common, and Prince moment!

Fox doesn't understand

Why is Katie Holmes there?


Matt Bomer wins!

Great Gatsby-Yes

Clive Owen is wearing velvet, to make up for Cumberbatch’s disappointing lack of velvet.


Ricky brings out his signature drink and snark.


Whoa! Amy Adams surprise wins for Big Eyes! What up!

Princess and the Frog-Adorbs

Salma Hayek looking like a princess.

How to Train You Dragon 2 wins! I haven’t seen it (wanna see it), but everything is awesome about The Lego Movie.

Community-Chang-I'll allow it

Patricia Arquette wins for Best Supporting Actress! She’s great! (Jessica Chastain is still my favorite working actress right now.)


Welllllll, I would watch Bridesmaids 2.

The Skeleton Twins are still funny.

Princess and the Frog-Really?

Oh isn’t funny when white people can’t pronounce Latino names?

GoT-Tywin-Rare Lannister Smile

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, hot and funny.

Glee-I ain't even mad

The room may not have liked that feminist joke from Tomlin and Fonda but I did!

Jeffrey Tambor is transcendent in Transparent. The show is utterly brilliant. Go watch it!

Peter Pan-this ship sails itself

I’d watch that intense romantic drama a.k.a. I ship Lupita-Colin.

Torchwood-And I don't care

Leviathan wins even though every single list said Force Majeure would win.


Jessica Lange is PISSED! I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is great so whatevs.

Anchorman-News Team-YAY

The Affair is sooooo good, guys. I know you didn’t watch it but you should.

GoT-Sandor approves

Catherine Zeta-Jones has remerged and she looks beautiful. Can she be in the next Bond movie?

Kevin Spacey knew he was going to win. And I don’t want to know what would’ve happened if he didn’t.


Julianna and Don, where’s that movie?

That’s not fair, Tomorrowland hasn’t come out yet. Where’s Batman and Robin?

It’s hard not to like George Clooney.

GoT-Dany-That's Cute

Richard Linklater wins for Best Director for a drama! And I totally am bombing my predictions list!

The Good Wife-You two make a cute couple

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt present together.


Okay, I wanted Viola Davis to win, too. Still, Ruth Wilson blew me away in her dual portrayal on The Affair.

My dad, the consummate Batman fan, is very happy: Michael Keaton wins for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical.

Either everyone wore too much self-tanner or the lighting in that room is atrocious.

I LOVED The Grand Budapest Hotel although for a comedy it sure did make me cry. #nostalgia

Alright, alright, alright. Matthew’s up.

Despicable Me-I'm SO HAPPY

Julianne Moore is NOT hiding her joy for winning a Golden Globe for Still Alice!

HP-Dumbledore-Oh well then

Eddie Redmayne wins for The Theory of Everything! Cumberbatch must be kicking himself that he isn’t younger and could’ve been in that role as he was in the Hawking mini-series.

HP-McGonagall approves

Favorite awards look from Streep I’ve seen in recent years.

Princess Bride-Okay

Boyhood wins for Best Picture, Drama! Hollywood Foreign Press loves it some experimental family drama.

Well, here’s to hoping Margaret Cho hosts next year!

Golden Globes 2015 Live GIF React

Hope for the Winter Movie Slump

The months of January, February and March are tough for me. And it’s not because I have the specter of unfulfilled New Years resolutions of the past haunting me, or another Valentine’s Day to remind me it’s the worst holiday that we as a society give credence to, or another Saint Patrick’s to shine light on the fact that I’m of Irish decent and don’t drink. While all of these prove that the struggle truly is real, nothing proves to be more depressing to me than the winter move slump.

You see, what we have here is a case of confusing cause and effect. Less people go to the movie theaters during these months, which means studios typically release the films they don’t expect to do well in this time period and save their big budget or quality films (or bruisers as I like to call them) for the summer. But on the flip side, one could just as easily say the reason less people see movies during these months is because studios don’t release anything worth watching.

Now I realize this analysis is a generalization (albeit not far off from the truth) and some good movies do get released during these months with “Silence of the Lambs” being the most notable exception. So I cross my fingers every year that studios will get us out of this slump and give us some quality films to look forward too. So without further ado, here are the films that I think could be gems in an otherwise desolate time for movies.

Blackhat (January 16)

I’ll be honest and say on the surface this movie doesn’t really grab my attention. I mean, I like Chris Hemsworth and all, but if you’re going to release a globetrotting, cyber warfare action movie these days it had better stand out, and the trailer just isn’t that good. But Michael Mann is the director and that does change my perspective a bit. Mann directed such hits as “The Last of the Mohicans,” “Heat,” “Ali,” and, a personal favorite of mine, “Collateral.” This doesn’t guarantee a quality film, but it does earn the benefit of the doubt and possibly my money.

Jupiter Ascending (February 6)

The newest film from the Wachowskis, “Jupiter Ascending” was originally planned for release back in summer 2014 but got moved back to February due to reshoots and extra work on the special effects (which from the looks of it could put the “Star Wars” prequels to shame in terms of how much CGI it looks to incorporate). While the heavy reliance on effects might deter some, I for one am excited to see a new film that’s not a sequel, reboot or based on a YA novel that gets a large budget. Now let’s just hope it’s good.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (February 13)

Easily my most anticipated film during the winter slump is “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” A bit of a mouth full as far as titles goes, but it is directed by Matthew Vaughn who directed such gems as “Kick-Ass” and “X-Men: First Class.” Plus, just watch the trailer, because it looks like a fun time – like James Bond before his movies became super serious.

“’71” (February 27)

Here’s a film that I had never heard about until I read an early review for it a couple months back. It’s an action/thriller that tells the story of a British soldier who gets separated from his unit during the Belfast riots of 1971, and it’s supposed to be great. Supposed to, anyway. My fear is that although we might get a quality movie here, it’s coming from out of nowhere. You probably hadn’t even heard of it until I listed it, which means less people will likely see it upon release. But here’s hoping.

Chappie (March 6)

Director Neill Blomkamp has had one really big hit with “District 9” and one hit and miss with “Elysium.” I’m hopeful that his newest film, which was originally announced as a sci-fi comedy but slowly morphed into more of a drama about a robot who is given artificial intelligence, will lean more toward “District 9” quality. Visually the cinematography looks to please, so here’s hoping the story, acting and script all stand on their own adorable robotic legs as well.

Hope for the Winter Movie Slump

The New Age of Superhero Live-Action Media

The new year is a great time to assess what has been working in the world and what changes are facing us in the future. It’s also a nice chance to make some predictions about what is coming. My interests lean towards comic books, so my musings have taken me down that path. You want to know what I realized? Superheroes in the live-action popular media are seriously changing gears…and I am loving it.

If you’ve seen a superhero movie or TV show in the last few (let’s say 10) years, then you’ve probably seen a “grim and gritty reboot” of something. While that was a great tactic to get people to embrace the superhero genre of entertainment in a big way, it hasn’t necessarily been a perfect reflection of the roots of the superheroes. There are more than a few things that have frankly sucked about the “grim and gritty.” I don’t really want to dwell on it, but I’ll list a few: black leather costumes are lame (Superheroes tend to wear the colors. Fact!), not every superpower is viewed as a cruddy curse, the human race isn’t necessarily without a moral center, sometimes people can be in actual romantic relationships that work.

While the “grim and gritty” hasn’t been the absolute rule, it has been pretty prevalent. At least until the things that came out this year. I would call 2014 the beginning of a transition to a completely different age of superhero live-action movies and TV shows. 2015 is going to be the final test of it, and is probably going to cement a new trend. The new trend is this: superhero genre can legitimately jump straight out of the comic book and there is not more need to apologize.

In case you missed it, let’s review a few things that happened this last year, and what is coming up (admittedly, this is largely spearheaded by Marvel): ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier’ just says “Yeah, this guy has a cybernetic arm and spent years frozen and has no real negative physical effects” (not to mention a guy saved his consciousness prior to death on 1970s era computers…), ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ says “Yup, talking raccoon” and we all bought into it, ‘The Flash’ features a superhero who actually loves being a superhero (what a novel concept), coming up in 2015 we will actually see the film ‘Ant-Man’ (seriously) with a man who shrinks in size and legitimately rides on the back of a winged ant. If you think those aren’t surprising turns in the realm of superhero films, then somehow you forgot about the first five years of the superhero movie wave.

This is a great path for things to take. While I’ve been glad to see any attention paid to the superhero genre, I’ve been sad for years that so few films have been fun. Thoughts? Do you think the “grim and gritty” was the way to go? Are you unhappy with the new “fun” offerings? Comment Below.

The New Age of Superhero Live-Action Media

The Wannabes Best Of 2014 – Podcasts

2014 has been an interesting year for pop culture. It was the year podcasts finally became mainstream, Adam Scott made a podcast dissecting every song on the new U2 album, and diversity became the watchword. But like every other person does at this time of year, we felt the urge to distill the past year into just a few favorite highlights. Each day leading up to the new year, The Wannabes will be presenting their favorite pieces of pop culture from 2014. Our final installment: Podcasts

Megan: I know Nerdist isn’t new, but there is no podcast as consistently hilarious and informative as this one. Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira provide the right combination of banter and actual interviewing to entice anybody even somewhat interested in comedy or pop culture. Standout episodes: “Paul Reubens,” “Jim Rash Returns,” “Anthony Bourdain,” and “Hostful #84.”


Kate: I can’t decide which I like more about Serial, the podcast itself or how much of a phenomenon it became. Either way, both have been fascinating and I can’t wait to see what happens.


Chelsey: I also loved Serial because I thought Sarah did a great job telling the story of this confounding true-crime case and I was happy to see podcasts finally enter the cultural zeitgeist. But my favorite thing my earbuds listened to this year was the “Winter’s Tale” episode of How Did This Get Made? Having seen the best so-bad-it’s-good movie of the year myself, the dissection of it by Paul and Jason had me in stitches. And guest host Andy Daly wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. “Is this another example of the magic of this universe, or just stupid, stupid filmmaking?” This question could be applied to all the movies discussed in this podcast.


Andrew: My love of The Thrilling Adventure Hour is well documented. But I really want some recognition for Star Wars Minute. They put an episode out every day (for six months at a time), and while those guys have got to get tired of discussing the Star Wars movies one minute at a time, they are seriously dedicated to it.


Give us your podcast recommendations in the comments!

The Wannabes Best Of 2014:

The Wannabes Best Of 2014 – Podcasts

The Wannabes Best Of 2014 – Stage

2014 has been an interesting year for pop culture. It was the year Neil Patrick Harris showed us his angry inch, Ron Weasley tried and failed to make Broadway his new home, Alan Cumming proved he never ages, and diversity became the watchword. But like every other person does at this time of year, we felt the urge to distill the past year into just a few favorite highlights. Each day leading up to the new year, The Wannabes will be presenting their favorite pieces of pop culture from 2014. Today: Stage

Chelsey: I know it’s cliche to name the Tony winner, but I absolutely adored A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. It has all the ingredients I love – farce, British history, puns, creative murder scenes, catchy songs, and amazing performances (particularly by the ever-versatile Jefferson Mays). I hope it runs for a long time so everyone gets to see it. Honorable mention goes to Ewan McGregor in The Real Thing. That dude knows how to send chills up my spine. In the best possible way.

Megan: Okay, so I haven’t actually seen Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months and actually looked up ticket prices to go to New York just to see this play. Carole King is a goddess among songwriters, and although she’s shied away from the spotlight for decades, her story is one that deserves to be told. I knew she was prolific, but it wasn’t until this album that I realized she penned “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.”

Maricela: This year I really liked Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill at the Little Shubert Theatre starring Audra McDonald. McDonald channels Billie Holiday a.k.a. Lady Day to an eerie degree that you have to actively remind yourself this is all a theater performance and not some sort of musical seance. While the production ostensibly occurs during one night towards the end of Holiday’s career, it covers her entire life and how each song represents various aspects of her inner self and her tumultuous life and career. Good for Holiday fans, McDonald fans, and anyone who can appreciate the magic of live theater.

Andrew: I don’t think I attended a single stage production this entire year. I suck. But I bet there’s some high school that did a really good job somewhere, so shoutout to them!

See any good shows this year? Give us recommendations in the comments!

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The Wannabes Best Of 2014 – Stage